About Us

At Peace of Fruit, our mission is to lead the global fruit and vegetable market with a young and dynamic spirit backed by years of experience. Our vision is to provide fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables to everyone, all year round. 

Our vision is driven by continuous research and development across all industry facets, including growing, transportation, produce shelf life, and consumer marketing. We strive to innovate and exceed market demands, ensuring that our produce remains at the forefront of quality and freshness. 

Looking ahead, we aim to continue our growth and explore new markets, always staying true to our mission of delivering the finest Israeli produce to where it is needed.


We ensure top-notch quality in every fruit we export, delivering freshness you can trust.


We conduct business with honesty and transparency, building trust with our partners.



We embrace innovative solutions to enhance our operations and exceed customer expectations.

Global Reach

We connect the best of Israeli produce with markets in the globe, expanding our global presence.